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Although there are dozens of insurance providers across the county, you don’t need to shop them all. Several carriers stand out in the sea of competition by offering the lowest rates and the best customer service.

Below we briefly review the best Medicare Supplement companies in 2020 for you to shop and compare.

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Quick Review of Medigap Policies 

Although Medicare provides excellent health care coverage, it’s far from perfect. Looming within your Original Medicare benefits are coinsurance, co-pays, and multiple deductibles, which leave you exposed to high out-of-pocket medical costs.  

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans (Medigap) are private insurance plans that fill the financial gaps of your Medicare benefits.  There are ten different supplement plans lettered A – N. Each plan covers a different set of financial gaps. 

Medicare standardizes all Medigap plans. Therefore all lettered plans include the same benefits regardless of which carrier you purchase from.   

Feel free to explore the 10 Medigap plans:

Plan APlan B, Plan C, Plan DPlan FPlan GPlan KPlan LPlan MPlan N

Why is it important to compare Medicare Supplement Companies if all supplement plans are the same?

The standardized benefits within each Medigap policy remain the same regardless of the carrier you choose. However, each company picks which plans to offer, and they also set the price. 

If you want to avoid overpaying for your coverage, you must shop and compare Medicare supplement companies side by side before you buy.

Compare the Best Medicare Supplement Companies

The list below contains our opinion of the five best Medicare Supplement Companies in 2020 for you to shop and compare. 

We recommend these carriers because of their national reach, competitive rates, and customer reviews. We highly recommend quoting these carriers before making a policy purchase.  

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Currently, Transamerica offers four Medigap options – Plan A, Plan F, Plan G, & Plan N.

Transamerica is fiercely competitive on rates, and they do business in practically every state. This strong and stable company has roots in communities throughout the country. They also hold high-ratings from all the major rating institutions.

Read our review of Transamerica Medicare Supplement Plans.   

Mutual Of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha currently offers two Medigap options, Plan F & Plan G. These are the two most popular plans, and they offer them in every state. 

MOO has a long history of offering quality products and low rates for Medicare Supplements. They also enjoy many positive customer reviews online. Our agents have worked with MOO for many years, and their speed of service is second to none.

Read our review of Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plans


Aetna offers the three most popular medicare supplement plans: Plan F, Plan G, & Plan N. As one of the oldest companies in America, Aetna has a long reputation of providing quality services and innovative products.

In 2018 Aetna was acquired by CVS, and it has mutually benefited both sides. Aetna has many positive reviews from current policyholders. 

Read our review of Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield 

BCBS offers seven of the ten Medicare Supplement plans available: Plan A, Plan F, Plan G, Plan K, Plan L, Plan N, & High Deductible Plan F.

BCBS is one of the most recognizable brands in the country. They operate under a hand full of affiliate companies to provide a regional touch to the communities they serve. Blue Cross Blue Shield enjoys high ratings from all the major rating institutions and current policyholders. Our team loves BCBS and highly recommend you explore their offerings.

Read our review of Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Plans

AARP – UnitedHealthCare

Many of our clients are members of AARP and have the opportunity to purchase Medicare supplemental insurance through their membership. AARP is not an insurance company. They sell insurance policies through an exclusive partnership with UnitedHealthcare. However, you do not need to be a member of AARP to purchase a UnitedHealthcare policy.  

United Health Care is one of the largest insurance companies in the country. They offer great rates, multiple Medigap options, and simple applications. 

Read our full review of AARP Medicare Supplement Plans.

Compare Medicare Supplement Quotes From Top Companies 

The above list is our five recommended carriers for Medicare Supplemental Insurance. If you’re ready to explore your options, it’s time to compare quotes from these elite carriers. 

Our knowledgable agents are here to help you the whole way through. 

We work for YOU, not the insurance company. Our goal is to help you find the best policy to protect both your health and your bank account.

We’ve helped thousands of people find their best supplement policy. And we’d love to help you too! 

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