Senior Life Insurance

Get up to $40,000 cash for your family with a senior life insurance policy.

Did you know that there are specific life insurance policies for seniors? 

Individuals age 50-85 can qualify for a variety of different policies. There are no medical exams.  Dozens of insurance providers to shop and compare.  And best of all you cannot be turned down due to your health.

Life Insurance can ease the cost of your final expenses

Not being prepared for end-of-life costs can leave loved ones in a difficult financial situation.  Personal debts, medical bills, and eventually, funeral cost all are expenses that need to be planned for. 

Life insurance provides guaranteed funds immediately upon notification of death.  Funds are paid directly to your beneficiary.  And they can use the money however they choose.  Rest easy knowing that the funds will be there when needed the most.

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Our independent agency helps you shop and compare your available options so you find your best policy at the lowest rate.

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Senior life insurance

No-Exam Life Insurance Policies for Seniors

  • Ages 50 – 85
  • Up to $40,000
  • No medical exams
  • Guaranteed acceptance 
  • Simplified applications – no agent coming to your house
  • 30-day Free look period in most states
senior life insurance policies

The Two Types of Life Insurance Policies for Seniors

Life insurance needs change as we age.  In our younger years Term Insurance (temporary insurance) is a good fit due to changing life circumstances, being in good health, and the expectation of outliving your policy.   

Permanent whole life insurance is designed to stay in-force until you die.  The money is primarily used for funeral expenses and preventing surviving family from paying your end-of-life-expenses.  There are two different types of life insurance policies for seniors to achieve this:

Final Expense Life Insurance – provides whole life coverage up to $40,000 with no medical exam.  Applications gather health information in the form of a health questionnaire. And not everyone will qualify.  Moderately healthy individuals who qualify benefit from higher coverage amounts, lower rates, and more carriers options.

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance – provides whole life coverage with guaranteed acceptance.  There are no health questions.  As long as you’re between age 50 and 85 you cannot be turned down due to your health.  Your acceptance is guaranteed.  Plans provide up to $30,000 in coverage. And there are several providers for you to shop and compare.  Plans are designed to serve those with chronic and critical health condition.

Do All Seniors Need Life Insurance?

Plain and simple.. most seniors need life insurance. 

Why get life insurance?

The current economic state of America’s elderly population is not good.  Roughly 25 million Americans age 65+ are financially insecure living at or below the national poverty level of $28,000 per year.  And tens of millions more living above this number have significant trouble paying their monthly expense.  This means millions of senior Americans are likely to leave behind end-of-life expenses to surviving loved ones. 

Even worse, Chronic health issues affect 84% of seniors over age 65. 

Individuals living in poor health have greater cost in the final years of life and are likely to drain their savings faster than expected.  Many individuals with impaired health face challenges when trying to stick to their original financial plan.  It’s safe to say that unless you’re independently wealthy you need life insurance protection.   

How much life insurance do I need? 

That depends on your unique life circumstances.  Our agents will help you determine you life insurance needs and present the options for coverage.  Having the help of a knowledgable expert can go along way in purchasing the proper coverage amount. 

Are Senior Life Insurance Policies Affordable? 

Life insurance is an investment, not an expense.  Depending on how many years you pay into your policy before you die, the money returned to your beneficiaries as a death benefit is almost always greater than what your paid in. 

Millions of elderly Americans invest in life insurance every year — one way or another they make room in their budget to protect their family.

Life insurance is a savings account that is not meant for you but rather for your beneficiaries.  The policy itself is a way to guarantee a certain amount of savings is left behind to protect your loved ones financially. 

Ask yourself.. 

How much money can I afford to put aside for my family?

And then see how much coverage you can buy with that amount.  Our agents can adjust your policy to fit your budget.  And remember, some coverage is always better than no coverage.

Determining Your Rates

The total cost of your policy will depend on a number of variables:  Your age, health, gender, state of residence, the carrier you purchase from, which policy type you choose, as well as the overall policy amount all effect the premium rates of your policy.

Only once you receive personalized quote’s from top carriers and do the proper comparison shopping will you be able to find your lowest premium rate.  

Our independent agency makes this process simple.  We help you shop and compare all the top options in one location with a single quote.  We do the shopping and you save on your policy. 

Take Action. Save Money.

Life insurance rates increase with you as you age.  And not just by the year.  Most insurance carriers adjust policies as you age throughout the year.  Which means everyday you wait to purchase a policy the higher your monthly premium. 

We recommend that once the decision has been made to get life insurance take action as soon as you can.  Those who sit on the fence end up paying more for their policy when they finally do take action. 

It’s also important to remember that there is no guarantee in tomorrow.  Your health and life circumstances can change at any moment.  You may be eligible for coverage today and lose your eligibility with a significant life event tomorrow.   Don’t leave your family at risk. Explore your options today.  

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Best Life Insurance Companies for Seniors

Our clients often ask us.. what’s the best life insurance company for seniors? 

The truth is there isn’t one.  

There is no single best life insurance company for any demographic.  The life insurance market is extremely competitive and carriers compete with each other by catering to different subgroups of people.  

The only way to find the best carrier for you is to compare life insurance companies side by side.  Our agents help you do this quickly and efficiently.

Healthy individuals will have many options and can shop the best policies at the lowest rates.  And individuals seeking life insurance with pre-existing conditions can find their best carrier who is most favorable to their health condition.   

No matter what your life circumstances are we’ll help you locate your best carrier options so you can make the best decision for your family and your finances.   

That being said, there are several carriers that tend to stand out above the rest.  Though there’s no single best company to choose from we do recommend you obtain quotes from the following carriers before making a policy purchase.   

AIGGerber LifeMutual of Omaha5 Star Life – Americo

How to Enroll

True to our name we’ve simplified the application and enrollment process for senior life insurance policies.  With our streamlined process you can quote, compare, and enroll in your best policy in a matter of minutes.  And coverage can begin the very next day. 

Once enrolled we ship your policy directly to you for review.  Depending on your state you’ll have up to 30 days as a “free look” period to make sure the policy is the right fit and exactly what you need. 

Quote: Fill out the form on your screen to instantly see rates from all the top providers in your area.

Compare: our knowledgable agents help you compare policy details and rates so you can narrow down your best policy options. 

Enroll: the enrollment process is simple, easy, and hassle-free.  The entire enrollment process can be completed in a few minutes over the phone with one of our agents. 

Our specialized agency has helped thousands of individuals protect their family and their finances with a senior life insurance policy. 

We work for YOU, not the insurance company.

Our services are free.  And there’s never any obligation when speaking with one of our agents.   Just helpful, friendly advice from a knowledgable expert with years of experience.   Explore your options – Get started today with your free senior life insurance quote. 

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