Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

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No medical exams or any health questions.

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Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Policies

  • Permanent whole life coverage
  • Ages 50 – 85
  • No health questions
  • Up to $30,000 in coverage
  • Super simple applications – completed over the phone
  • Limited death benefit during the first two-years of policy
  • Free accidental coverage
  • Terminal illness protection – access to policy funds while living if diagnosed with terminal illness

Life Insurance Can Ease The Cost Of Your Final Expenses

Not being prepared for end-of-life costs can leave loved ones in a difficult financial situation. Personal debts, medical bills, and eventually, funeral costs are expenses that need consideration when thinking about the future. 

Life insurance provides guaranteed funds paid immediately to your beneficiary upon notification of death. They can use the money however they need.  


Difference Between Guaranteed Acceptance and Other Types Of Life Insurance 

There are three main differences between guaranteed acceptance life insurance and other types of policies.  

No Health Requirements 

As indicated in the name, guaranteed acceptance life insurance policies forgo all medical underwriting. Meaning there are no medical exams or any health questions.  As long as you’re between age 50 and 85, you cannot be turned down due to health reasons.  Your acceptance is guaranteed.

All other types of life insurance policies require medical underwriting. Therefore not everyone will qualify.  Guaranteed acceptance is the last resort option for individuals who fail to qualify for other types of coverage. 

Maximum coverage of $30,000

Guaranteed acceptance policies aim to help people die with the dignity of paying for their end-of-life costs.  These plans are not intended for leaving financial legacy.  

Healthy individuals can qualify for other types of policies that offer higher coverage amounts.   

Two year waiting period for full policy benefits

Because there is no medical underwriting, guaranteed policies impose a two-year waiting period before the full death benefit is available. 

What this means is you must own the policy for two-years before the policy will pay the full death benefit. If you die in the first two-years your policy will pay out all your paid premiums plus a small additional percentage. 

Why The Two Year Waiting Period?  

With traditional policies, medical underwriting informs the insurance carrier about factors that impact your life expectancy.  The data gathered determines who’s accepted and the premium rates.  

In exchange for forgoing all medical underwriting, insurance companies impose a two year waiting period.  It protects the insurance carrier from people purchasing policies on the brink of death. 

All companies selling guaranteed acceptance life insurance enforce this rule.

Premium Rates for Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Policies

Is guaranteed acceptance life insurance affordable? For the most part, yes. Every year millions of middle class Americans make room in their budget to purchase on of these policies.  However, guaranteed policies are more expensive than all other forms of coverage.

As mentioned above, guaranteed acceptance is a last resort option for coverage.

Finding Your Best Rate

Although there are no health requirements, your age, gender, zip code, and policy size are variables in determining your premium rate.  

While you can’t do anything about your gender or zip code, you are in control of the age at which you purchase your coverage.  

Insurance providers increase rates with you as you age. And not just by the year. Many insurance companies calculate your age monthly. Therefore, the longer you wait to buy you policy, the higher your rates.

Additionally, premium rates further differentiate between insurance companies which is why is so important to shop before you buy. 

Get Professional Help

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