Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

Get up to $30,000 cash for your family with Guaranteed Acceptance life insurance.

No medical exams. Multiple carriers to shop and compare. And a simple application process. 

If you’re between ages 50 – 85, you cannot be turned down due to your health. Your acceptance is guaranteed.  

Life Insurance can ease the cost of your final expenses.

Not being prepared for end-of-life costs can leave loved ones in a difficult financial situation. Personal debts, medical bills, and eventually, funeral costs are expenses that need consideration when thinking about the future. 

A senior life insurance policy provides guaranteed funds paid immediately to your beneficiary upon notification of death.

Your beneficiary can use the money however they need. And you can rest easy knowing the money will be there when it’s needed the most.

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Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Overview

  • Ages 50- 85
  • No health questions
  • Up to $30,000 in coverage
  • Simplified application – completed over the phone
  • Limited death benefit during the first two years of policy
  • Free accidental coverage
  • Terminal illness protection – if diagnosed with a terminal illness you can access a portion of your policy while living to help pay for medical expenses

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Details

Guaranteed acceptance is different than all other types of life insurance.  The difference is in the policy details — not the quality of coverage.

No Health Requirements 

As mentioned above, guaranteed acceptance life insurance forgoes all medical underwriting. There are no medical exams or any health questions. 

These types of policies are a last resort coverage option for the elderly and individuals seeking life insurance with pre-existing medical conditions who do not qualify for other types of coverage. 

Maximum coverage of $30,000

Guaranteed acceptance policies limit your policy to $30,000 or less. The primary purpose of these policies is to help reduce or eliminate end-of-life costs, such as funeral expenses and medical debts, not leaving a financial legacy. 

Other types of policies offer higher coverage limits; however, they also have minimum health requirements to qualify.  

Two year waiting period for full policy benefits

There is one significant downfall regarding guaranteed acceptance life insurance plans. In exchange for forgoing all medical underwriting, all policies implement a two-year waiting period before the full death benefit is eligible. This two-year waiting period is a standardized rule accross all life insurance companies. 

Why a two year waiting period? 

Without a waiting period, individuals on the brink of death could enroll in a policy. It’s clear to see that the insurance industry would not be able to survive if this was allowed. The two-year waiting period ensures that you pay at least 24 premium payments to receive the full death benefit. 

What if I die during the two-year waiting period? 

If death occurs from health reasons during the two-year waiting period, all paid premiums get returned to your beneficiary plus an additional percentage — usually 10%. Therefore you never lose money.

However, if you die from an accident during the first two years of your policy, your beneficiary will receive the full death benefit.

To avoid this waiting period, you will need to be able to health qualify for a traditional final expense life insurance policy.

Is Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Affordable?

For the most part, yes. Every year millions of elderly Americans find room in their budget to purchase one of these policies.    

Guaranteed acceptance policy rates are more expensive than other forms of life insurance; however, all other policy types require health exams or health questionnaires to qualify. 

Finding Your Best Rate

Although there are no health requirements, several other factors contribute to the cost of your policy. Your age, gender, state of residence, zip code, and policy size all contribute to the total cost. All insurance companies consider these factors differently. As a result, rates between insurance carriers can differ considerably. 

If you’re shopping on a budget, it’s essential to take the time and shop your various options before making a purchase.  

Best Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Companies

While there is no single best life insurance company to purchase from, there are serval carriers that stand out among the sea of competition. 

The three insurance companies listed below consistently offer the best policy value and the most competitive rates for guaranteed acceptance life insurance. We highly suggest quoting these companies before making a policy purchase. 

When you request a quote through our online quote form, we’ll instantly show your personalized quotes from the above carriers as well as their top competitors. Our independent agency works for YOU, not the insurance companies.  

We’ll help you shop and compare life insurance companies nationwide to find your best policy and lowest rate. 

How to Enroll

Enrolling in a guaranteed acceptance life insurance plan is easier than you think. Because there are no health questions, the applications are quick and easy. And better yet, your coverage can begin the very next day. 

Quote – Get started today by filling out the instant quote widget on your screen. You’ll instantly see rates from all the top providers, including our three preferred providers listed above.  

Compare – One of our friendly agents will help you compare policy details and narrow down your best coverage options. 

Enroll – Once you’ve identified your best option, you can complete enrollment in about 15 minutes. After you are approved, we ship your policy directly to you for review. Most states allow up to 30 days as a free look period where you can review your policy risk-free. 

Our independent agency has helped thousands of individuals in poor health secure the coverage they need to protect their families with guaranteed acceptance. We’d love to help you too. 

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