Medicare Supplement Plan B

Medicare supplement plan B is a simple, low-cost policy that can save you thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket medical costs.

There are 10 Medicare supplement plans (Medigap) lettered A-N. Each plan covers a different set of gaps within your Original Medicare benefits. Medigap Plan B is a simple policy that covers the biggest financial gaps in Medicare. Below we take a closer look.

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The Difference Between Plan B & Part B

To avoid confusion, let’s review the basics of Medicare.

There are four separate parts of Medicare:

  1.  Medicare Part A – Hospital insurance (inpatient services) 
  2.  Medicare Part B – Doctors Insurance (outpatient services)
  3.  Medicare Part C – Medicare Advantage Plans 
  4.  Medicare Part D – Prescription Drug Coverage 

Medicare Supplemental insurance provides a secondary layer of coverage to fill in the financial gaps not covered by Medicare. There are 10 plans lettered A-N.  Medigap plans protect you from Medicare copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles. As a result, you keep more money in your pocket.  

All individuals eligible for Medicare can enroll in supplemental coverage. However, these plans do have medical underwriting, and not everyone will qualify. 

What Does Medicare Supplemental Plan B Cover?

Medigap Plan B fills the following five financial gaps: 

Medicare Part B Coinsurance – after paying the annual deductible, Medicare pays 80% for outpatient care services. This means you pay 20% for outpatient care — office visits, specialists, lab testing, ext.  

Your Part B coinsurance is the biggest gap in your Medicare benefits because there is no out of pocket maximum. 

Medicare Part A Deductible – the annual deductible for Medicare Part A in 2020 is $1,408. An increase of $44 from 2019. You will pay this deductible for all hospital stays outside of 60 days apart.  Medicare supplement plan B covers this deductible no matter how many times it’s needed.

Medicare Part A Coinsurance & Hospital Cost – this benefit provides you with an additional 365 days of extended care at a hospital after you exhaust your Medicare benefits. 

Blood – first three pints.

Medicare Part A Hospice Copayment – the out of pocket cost for Medicare hospice coverage is low. Some people will pay 5% of hospice care. Many beneficiaries pay nothing. Medigap plan B also covers this gap if you were to have out of pocket costs.  

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Compare Medicare Supplement Plan B

See how Medicare supplement plan B compares to the other Supplement Plans in the comparison chart below.


Medigap Plan B Cost

As seen in the chart above, Medigap plan B fills some, not all, of the gaps in Medicare. The gaps covered in your plan determine your monthly premium cost. More robust policies, such as Plan G, Plan F, and Plan N, have the highest monthly premiums. Plan A and Plan B will have the lowest premium. 

Your age, health status, state of residence, zip code, sex, and the carrier you purchase from will all affect your monthly premium. The only way to find out the cost of your policy is to request a personalized quote.

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When To Enroll

There are two Medicare Enrollment Periods in which you can enroll in Medigap Plan B. 

Initial enrollment – begins three months before your 65 birthday, includes your birthday month, and continues for the following three months. 

Open enrollment – every year between October 15th to December 7th. 

Save Money on Your Medigap Policy 

Medicare standardizes all supplemental plans, which means the benefits included in supplement plan b will be the same among all carriers who sell that policy. The only difference between companies is the price they charge. Taking the time to shop all the top carries is essential if you want to avoid overpaying for your coverage. 

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