Compare Annuity Companies

If you’ve decided to purchase an annuity, your next task is to shop and compare annuity companies for your best investment opportunity.

Taking the time to compare annuity offerings can have a significant impact on the growth of your investment.

Annuity products vary significantly between annuity companies. Most importantly are the difference in interest rates on annuity products.

And most states have over a dozen carriers offering annuity investments. Therefore, it’s an immense benefit to work with an independent agency to help you shop all these investment opportunities.

So, where to start?

Understanding how an annuity works is the first step. After that, you’ll need to determine which type of annuity best fits your life circumstances and retirement goals. The final step is to request a personalized illustration so you can then compare that illustration among all the top annuity companies. 

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Best Annuity Companies 

As with all financial products, the annuity market is very competitive.
Annuity companies compete with each other, primarily on interest rates. However, they also compete by catering to niche markets, which further emphasizes the need to shop before you invest.

The reality is that there is no single best annuity company. Instead, your retirement goals and current financial situation will determine which carrier and investment are best for you.

While there is no single best insurance carrier, there are several that stand out in the sea of competition.

In our opinion, the carriers listed below have the best annuity offerings on the market for 2020. They hold high financial ratings, have flexible annuity options, and, best of all, the most competitive interest rates.

We strongly suggest requesting a personalized illustration with these carriers before moving forward with your investment.


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Compare Top Annuity Companies

Mass Mutual Annuities – Located in Boston, Massachusetts, MassMutual is one of the highest-rated insurance companies in the country. They offer great interest rates and have many satisfied customers and positive reviews.

AIG Annuities – Known for flexible design options and innovative products, AIG offers attractive annuity investment opportunities. AIG has solid financial ratings. And they offer many free resources to help their customers live a successful retirement.

Athene Annuities – Athene does not have the broad name recognition as the other carriers on this list; however, they have some of the best annuity offerings on the market today. Athene is unique because they do not sell any other financial product. Annuities are what they specialize in, and its all they do. As a result, they have become one of the leaders in the annuity market.

Transamerica Annuities – Based out of San Fransisco, California, Transamerica offers many different annuity products and some of the best interest rates available. This well-known carrier has many happy customers and high financial ratings from all the major rating institutions.

Prudential Annuities – Prudential is one of the largest insurance providers in the world. It’s safe to say they do a lot of things right. They offer many different annuity products, have excellent financial ratings (hard to do for a company of such size), and some of the best rates for fixed and variable annuities.

Mutual of Omaha Annuities – Based out of Omaha, Nebraska, this well-known carrier is a leader in retirement investing. They offer many annuity products and great rates. Mutual of Omaha is very active in the communities they serve, and truly do put the customer first.

What To Do Next

The next step is to compare these top annuity companies side by side with a formal illustration. A personalized illustration will show the detail of how your investment grows and gets redistributed in income payments.

Our independent agency proudly represents 15 of the nation’s top annuity companies. We’ll help you shop and compare your options to identify your best investment opportunities.

As an independent agency, we work for YOU, not the insurance companies. We’ provide unbiased support and advice to help you reach your retirement goals.

Our services are free. And there’s no obligation when speaking with an agent.

We’ve helped thousands of people grow their income through retirement. We’d love to help you too!

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Annuity Quotes & Illustrations


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