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If you’re looking to both grow and protect your retirement savings, then an annuity investment is right for you. 

An annuity provides insurance for your financial nest egg and ensures that you never outlive your money.


As one of the nation’s leading annuity providers, Athene Annuity has some of the best products available on the market today. They offer a full suite of annuity types, flexible design options, and some of the industry’s highest withdrawal rates. We strongly recommend exploring what they have to offer before moving forward with your investment.

What Makes Athene Annuity Different? Annuities Are All That They Do

Annuities are insurance products. Therefore, almost every insurance company sells annuity alongside life insurance, Medicare supplements, and long term care insurance products. For most insurance companies, annuity investments take a back seat to these other product lines. For Athene, however, annuities are all that they do.

Athene’s entire business is annuity investments. As a result, they’ve created some of the best products on the market today

Athene Is One of The New Kids On The Block – That’s a Good Thing 

Founded in 2009, Athene has experienced incredible growth due to its narrow focus of only offering annuity products. Other insurance providers move slower and typically lag behind on product innovation that drives the industry forward. Athene is a young, flourishing company not bogged down by outdated products and investment strategies. Instead, they are trailblazing the annuity industry forward by creating new and innovative products that fit today’s investors’ needs.

Consider this, Athene began as a startup in 2009 in the depths of the financial crash. In eleven years, they have grown to 191 billion in total assets and cracked the top 15 largest annuity providers in the country. Their success reflects incredible leadership and provides quality products that produce successful results for their clients.  

Athene Annuity Has More Options To Help You Succeed

When annuities are all that you do, you make better annuity products and offer a bigger selection.  Athene offers all annuity types but primarily focus on fixed and indexed annuities.

Why so? Fixed and indexed annuities provide both growth and protection for your retirement nest-egg. These products help you grow your retirement income with minimal risk.  This is one of the reasons we love Athene Annuities for retirement investing.

Let’s take a look at the annuities Athene offers.

Athene Accumulator

Athene’s Accumulator Annuity is a fixed indexed annuity built for accumulation. This product is great for individuals behind on their retirement savings or anyone looking to grow their retirement income.   

The Accumulator Annuity uses various index crediting strategies to deliver a modest guaranteed interest rate that guards against inflation, combined with strong growth potential based on the performance of their exclusive index.

Enjoy a withdrawal rate up to 10% beginning your first year and a bailout feature which gives you full access to your accumulated funds. The Athene accumulator annuity comes in 10, 7, or 5-year contracts. Additionally, there is an option to add a legacy rider to increase your surviving loved ones’ base payout. Your beneficiary can choose a lump-sum or a five-year payout.

Athene Agility

Athene’s Agility Annuity is a fixed indexed annuity with agile options that open doors to retirement possibilities.  This product offers strong income and growth potential, plus guaranteed lifetime income.

With the Agility Annuity, financial gains are locked in and cannot decrease if the index performs poorly. Their product guarantees a 1-2% interest rate, depending on contract years, which protects your investment if no gains are made.

This product’s agile options include a penalty-free liquidity rate of 10% and enhanced income and death benefit rider at no additional charge. Additionally, the death benefit rider gets a 20% boost to the base rate, which means more income for your beneficiary. The Athene’s Agility Annuity comes in 7, or 10-year contracts and is a great option for individuals who want to ensure access to their funds over the life of the investment.

Athene Amplify

Athene’s Amplify Annuity helps you protect the art of living well. This 6-year indexed-link annuity provides flexible options to customize your risk tolerance and investment goals into one product and helps you live life on your terms.  While there is no guaranteed fixed interest rate, this product has three protection levels to guard your investment against significant downturns in the market.

With the Amplify Annuity, you control how your funds are invested through four indexing options. Three stand-alone indices and one performance blend option to help mitigate risk.  Enjoy a 10% annual withdrawal, an initial segment bailout provision, and options for leaving a legacy to your beneficiary.  This product comes in 1, 2, or 6-year contracts.

Athene Ascent Pro

Athene’s Ascent Pro Annuity is another fixed indexed option that focuses on helping you grow your retirement income.  This product gives you two options to establish lifetime guaranteed income.

  • Option 1 – a simple, moderate interest rate that provides predictable growth
  • Option 2 – combines a lower fixed interest rate with interest credits for the potential for higher gains.

The Ascent Pro Annuity allows you to choose between three types of income payments, level, inflation-adjusted, or earnings indexed income.  Additional benefits include a 10% penalty-free annual withdrawal, a bailout feature, and terminal illness confinement waver.  This offer comes in 7 or 10-year contracts.  

Athene Protector

Athene’s Protector Annuity also focuses on income accumulation with the added benefit of a return of premium guarantee.   We mentioned above that Athene is a leader in annuity innovation; this is one of those products.  The return of premium guarantee provides the ability to surrender your investment for your initial premium purchase, minus any withdrawals.  In a world full of uncertainty, this attractive feature ensures that you always have access to your investment funds.

As with all of Athene’s fixed indexed annuities, there is an annual fee 10% withdrawal rate, minimum interest credits, a bailout feature, and terminal illness waivers to protect against life’s uncertainties.  This product is available in 5 or 7-year contracts.

Athene Max Rate

Athene’s Max Rate Annuity helps you build your retirement income with a multi-year guarantee.  This product provides competitive guaranteed interest rates and a choice of available term periods.

The Max Rate annuity is a walk away product, meaning that there is no automatic renewal.  You always maintain access to your money when it’s needed the most.  There are flexible premium and payout options to help tailor your investment to life’s ever-changing circumstances.  You can withdraw 100% of your funds if you qualify for confinement or terminal illness. Additionally, there is a built-in death provision to help you leave behind a legacy for loved ones.

Athene SPIA

Athene’s Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA) can create lifetime income and bring peace of mind for your retirement future.  In exchange for a one-time premium payment,  Athene guarantees a specified income based on the premium payment calculation plus the interest rate used at the time of contract issue.   This product protects your investment from market volatility and is a great choice if you’re looking for hands-off investing.  Your income payments are guaranteed and will never decrease.

The SPIA Annuity from Athene has competitive rates and provides multiple options on how you receive your income payments.

  • Lifetime income
  • Income guaranteed for a defined period
  • Installment refund
  • Joint and survivor payments
  • Joint and two-thirds survivor annuity

Athene Is A Strong & Stable Financial Institution

Although Athene is a young insurance carrier, they are exceptionally strong and stable as a company.  They have earned excellent ratings from all the major rating institutions and have proven themselves to be a safe company to invest with.

Annuity investments are not backed or secured by any bank or the federal government. Your investment is guaranteed by the carriers’ ability to payout their obligations to policyholders. Athene’s financial ratings reflect their financial strength and their track record of payouts to their customers. They have our full support.

Athene Annuity Financial Ratings 

  • A.M. Best: A (3rd of 16) 
  • Fitch: A (6th of 19)  
  • S&P: A (6th of 21)

Benefits Of Athene Annuities

  • Extensive product line – far more than most other insurance carriers
  • Innovated features
  • Flexible design options that make retirement investing easy and convenient
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Shot and long term contracts
  • Exclusive indices
  • Modern investment strategies to meet the challenges facing today’s investor

Explore Your Options & Compare With Top Competitors

Although we have nothing but positive things to say about Athene Annuities, it doesn’t mean they are automatically the best carrier for your investment.   Athene is an elite carrier, but they also have competitors that offer great products as well.   The major benefit of working with our independent agency is that we help you shop and compare all the top carriers side by side. As a result, you find the best investment opportunities and save time and energy along the way.

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