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You’ve worked hard to build your retirement savings; now, it’s time to let your money work for you.

A Transamerica annuity can help increase your retirement income and ensure that you never outlive your money.


As one of the nation’s top annuity companies, Transamerica has some of the best annuity products on the market today. They offer innovative design options, great interest rates, and customer service that’s second to none. We strongly recommend exploring Transamerica before moving forward with your investment.

Let’s take a look at Transamerica’s Annuity options.   

Transamerica Annuity Options

If you’re looking for a stable lifetime income for life and the opportunity for growth, Transamerica has four flexible options to help you achieve your goal.

Retirement Income Max

Transamerica Retirement Income Max Annuity is a variable annuity that offers a guaranteed 5.0% annual compounding growth to the withdrawal base for each of the first ten years the policy is owned.

This means that if you don’t make any withdrawals for at least ten years, your guaranteed income that the withdrawal base generates can increase by nearly 60%!   Retirement income max provides a living benefit, meaning you can never outlive your money. This is a straightforward opportunity to both protect and grow your retirement income.

Retirement Income Choice

The Transamerica Retirement Income Choice Annuity is also a variable annuity that locks in market gains and a growth feature to allow your investment to grow even when it is down. This two-sided feature allows for growth-over-growth compounding of your investment and produces more income for you throughout retirement. It also ensures that you can’t outlive your money.

Like their Retirement Income Max offering, Income Choice provides a guaranteed 5.0% annual growth for the first ten years, the policy is owned. Retirement Income choice, however, gives your greater flexibility and control over the underlying investment options.

Transamerica Income Edge

The Transamerica Income Edge Annuity also provides guaranteed growth and lifetime income with optional living benefits that help you take your investment a step further.  It has one of the highest withdrawal payout options in the industry at 6.0% as long as no withdrawals are taken within the first ten years.

As with their other variable annuity options, Income Edge allows you to lock-in market gains and not participate in down markets.  Income Edge places 30% of your investment in a stable account for fixed guaranteed growth and gives flexible options for investing the remaining 70%.  This provides real growth potential for your retirement income if your investments perform well.

Transamerica Income Plus

The Transamerica Income plus annuity is a fixed-indexed annuity option that provides a guaranteed 8% growth for up to ten years and a lifetime 5.5% withdrawal rate.

This fixed-indexed annuity from Transamerica offers a guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit and a simple way to ensure a steady income stream throughout retirement.

Transamerica Advisory Annuity 

The Transamerica Advisory Annuity is designed to give you full control over your investment.  This variable annuity option offers lower fees and grows tax-deferred to help you keep more money in your pocket. 

Unlike the other annuity options listed above, the advisory annuity does not offer lifetime income. Instead, it offers lower cost and additional options to leave behind a legacy for your loved ones.

Extend Your Annuity To Protect Your Loved Ones

One of the benefits of Transamerica annuities is the ability to add the Additional Death Distribution (ADD) Rider.  This rider is a survivorship benefit that protects the loved ones you leave behind.

The ADD rider can increase the payout to your beneficiary up to 30% for a small fee. Your beneficiary will receive the payout through a one-time lump-sum.

Benefits of Transamerica Annuities

  • Multiple annuity options
  • Four options that provide lifetime income
  • Real growth potential
  • Guaranteed growth and protection from market downturns
  • Flexible design to fit any retirement goals
  • Some of the highest withdrawal rates in the industry
  • Additional Death Distribution options
  • Easy online access to review and monitor your investment

Transamerica Is Financially Strong & Stable

Though often overlooked, or not looked at at all, financial ratings are an important factor to consider when purchasing an annuity. Here’s why:

An annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company in which you exchange premium payments now for income guarantees in the future.  Those income guarantees are dependent on the carriers’ ability to pay-out on their end of the contract. While it’s quite uncommon for an insurance company to fail to do so, it can happen. Therefore, it’s important to only do business with highly rated insurance carriers with strong financial ratings.   

Financial ratings reflect a carrier’s ability to pay their obligations to policyholders and show the track record in which they have done so.  Transamerica is highly rated among all the major rating institutions and reflects stability and strength.  Choosing to invest with them can bring additional confidence and peace of mind about your investment.

Transamerica’s parent company is Aegon. You can see Aegon’s financial ratings here.

Transamerica’s/Aegon Financial Ratings

  • AM Best: A+ (Superior)
  • Fitch: A+
  • S&P: AA-

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