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To help secure the retirement lifestyle you want, it’s important to find an accumulation and income solution to overcome today’s retirement challenges.


An annuity can provide a stream of predictable income and protection from market exposure. Better yet, it’s the only financial product that can guarantee you don’t outlive your money.

AIG has some of the best annuity products on the market today. They offer all annuity types, flexible design options, and some of the industry’s best interest rates. We strongly suggest exploring AIG’s annuity options before moving forward with your investment.

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AIG Is The Industry Leader

Although there are dozens of insurance providers across the country, the top 10 carriers issue roughly 80% of all annuity sales, AIG is at the top of that list.

According to this news release from the Secure Retirement Institute, in 2018, AIG was the nation’s leading annuity provider, and in 2019 they were a close second. The numbers are still out for 2020; however, we can say that in the last three years, AIG has issued more annuity contracts than any other insurance provider.

AIG Polaris Series Variable Annuities 

Variable annuities combine growth potential and protection features to help you increase and grow your retirement income. These investments offer variable interest rates typically linked to a stock market index. If the index performs well, there is potential for greater returns than fixed annuities; however, if the market performs poorly, there is the chance of investment loss. AIG variable annuities have built-in protection features that help guard against significant market downturns.

The Polaris Variable Annuities from AIG are designed to provide policyholders with greater flexibility, personalization, and control over their retirement income.

Polaris Variable Annuities

  • Polaris Advisory with Flexible Income Benefits
  • Polaris Platinum Elite with Flexible Income Benefits
  • Polaris Platinum III with Flexible Income Benefits
  • Polaris Platinum O-Series with Flexible Income Benefits
  • Polaris Preferred Solution with Flexible Income Benefits
  • Polaris Retirement Protector

Benefits of AIG’s Variable Annuities

While each annuity option has slightly different benefits, all of the above mentioned variable annuities include:

  • Real growth potential for your investment
  • Managed by respected money managers and professionally designed asset allocation strategies
  • Protection features that provide security and peace of mind
  • Optional income protection features
  • Option for enhanced death benefits to protect loved ones and leave a legacy

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AIG American Pathway Series of Fixed Annuity Options

Fixed annuities provide a ‘fixed’ guaranteed interest growth rate for your investment. These investments protect your retirement savings from market exposure and provide a steady stream of predictable income.  Additional options allow you to elect for lifetime income that you cannot outlive.  Fixed annuities focus on protecting your savings combined with conservative growth to out-pace inflation and increased living costs.

American Pathways Series of Fixed Annuities

  • American Pathway Fixed 5
  • American Pathway Fixed 7
  • American Pathway SolutionsMYG
  • American Pathway Power Index Choice
  • American Pathway Immediate Annuity (SPIA)
  • American Pathway Deferred Income Annuity

Benefits of AIG’s Fixed Annuities

Each annuity option offers unique advantages and benefits. All of AIG’s fixed annuities include the following benefits:

  • Protection from volatile market exposure
  • Guaranteed interest earnings
  • Tax-deferred growth
  • Guaranteed income for life options
  • Penalty-free withdrawals – maintain access to your money
  • Withdrawal charge waivers for life’s “just in case” moments
  • Guaranteed death benefit paid directly to your beneficiary
  • No upfront sales charges or commission fees

AIG’s Power Series of Fixed Indexed Annuities

AIG’s Power series index annuities are fixed annuities that offer tax-deferred growth potential combined with principal protection and guaranteed income for life.  Fixed index annuities use a fixed interest rate to guarantee your investment never loses principal, combined with a variable component that can increase your returns if your chosen market index performs well. 

Power Series of Fixed Indexed Annuities

  • Power 10 Protector
  • Power 10 Protector Plus Income
  • Power 7 Protector
  • Power 7 Protector Plus Income
  • Power 5
  • Power Select Builder
  • Power Select Builder 8
  • Power Select Plus Income
  • Power Select Plus Income with Multiplier

Benefits of AIG’s Fixed Indexed Annuities

  • Both protection and real growth potential
  • Protection against market downturns
  • Guaranteed income for life
  • Tax-deferred growth
  • Flexible withdrawal options
  • Choose between 6 different indices

As shown, AIG has more annuity options than almost any other carrier.  It’s no wonder that they are the leading annuity provider over the last three years.

Have Trust In Your Investment

Many people are unaware that annuity investments are not backed or guaranteed by a bank or government entity.  The annuity contract is guaranteed solely by the issuing carrier, which is why it’s essential to choose a carrier that is strong, stable, and has a long history upholding their end of the contract.

AIG holds high ratings with all the major rating institutions. They celebrated 100 years of business in 2019 and are in a strong position looking into the future.  Not only does AIG offer quality annuity products, but they also have a track record that shows quality service and ethical business practices.

Financial Ratings:  Moody’s: A2  *  Fitch: A+  *  S&P: A+

Shop and Compare

Although we have nothing but positive things to say about AIG and its products, we highly recommend that you take the time to shop and compare your annuity options before moving forward with a purchase. The annuity market is fiercely competitive. Taking the time to find which carrier is best for you can significantly impact your retirement income.

Our independent agency represents all the top annuity carriers nationwide. We help you compare the best offers side by side to help you maximize your retirement income.

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