AIG Annuities

AIG annuities offer flexible design options, real growth potential, and options for lifetime income. As one of the prominent financial institutions in the country, AIG has helped nearly 2.5 million people plan and prepare for a successful retirement.

We strongly suggest exploring what they have to offer before making an annuity investment.

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AIG Annuity Options

There are multiple types of annuities – AIG offers them all.   

AIG Variable Annuity –  Variable annuities offer variable interest rates that fluctuate based on market performance. These types of annuities have the potential for significant growth. However, they also carry the risk of no growth or even loss of investment principle.

AIG Fixed Annuity – Fixed annuities provide a guaranteed ‘fixed’ interest rate at which your investment grows. Fixed annuities are low-risk retirement investments that can fit into any retirement plan. 

AIG Indexed Annuity – Indexed annuities offer a combination of protection and growth potential for your retirement income.

All three types of annuities from AIG have options for lifetime income.    

AIG Retirement Annuities

Retirement annuities have tax-advantages over non-retirement annuities. They allow you to fund your annuity with pre-taxed dollars, which help you grow more income in retirement. Only qualified retirement annuities have this tax benefit. We help many of our clients with qualified retirement annuities from AIG. 

Find out more about Qualified vs. Non-Qualified Annuities 

AIG’s Financial Ratings:  Good, Not Great

Consumers often overlook financial ratings; however, wise shoppers will take the time to understand the importance of these ratings.

An annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company that requires the insurer to make payments to you, either immediately or in the future. Financial ratings reflect the carriers’ ability to payout on their end of the contract. High ratings indicate that the insurer is financially stable and has a long track record of paying out quickly on their claims. 

AIG’s Financial Ratings:   Moody’s: A2 * Fitch: A+ * S&P: A+

AIG has earned respectable ratings with all the major rating services. While there are several competitors with higher scores, AIG’s ratings nonetheless reflex a strong financial position looking into the future.

Don’t know what annuity is right for you? One of our helpful agents can help you navigate AIG’s many annuity options. We’ll take the time to fully listen to your retirement goals and then craft a plan to help you reach those objectives. 


AIG Annuity Rates Illustrations

Final Thoughts About AIG Annuities

AIG is a well-established financial company that has grown nationwide name recognition over many years of offering quality investment products. They are financially stable and show a bright outlook for the future.

Additionally, there are many places online to find positive reviews from current policyholders if you choose to do so.

As an overall review of the company, we think AIG is excellent. Their customer service team is full of friendly, helpful people whenever you need them. And best of all, they offer many useful resources to their policyholders to help them live a successful retirement.

As much as we like AIG as a company, the truth is, we often find our clients better offers with other carriers. We say this because we do not work for AIG, we work for YOU.

There is no single best annuity company. Your circumstances and retirement objectives will determine which carrier is best for your annuity investment. 

We’re here to help you sort that out, and it all begins with a formal annuity illustration.

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Annuity products are challenging to compare until you get a formal illustration. An annuity illustration shows the projections of your investment so you can see how your money will grow and returned through income payments. 

Our agents are here to help you with a personalized annuity illustration from AIG. We’ll then help you shop and compare annuity companies side by side to find your best offer. 

We’ve helped thousands of people secure and grow their retirement income. We’d love to help you too!

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