Indexed Annuities – Your Ideal Retirement Investment

An indexed annuity can help you both protect and grow your income throughout retirement. 

These unique investment vehicles offer real growth potential and options for lifetime income. 


Below we take a closer look at the benefits of indexed annuities and how it might be the ideal retirement investment you’ve been looking for. 

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Understanding Annuity Contracts

An annuity is a financial contract between you and an insurance company in which you exchange premium payments now for financial guarantees in the future.  The insurance company invests and grows your annuity funds over the length of the contract and then returns your investment through scheduled income payments.

There are many ways to customize and design your annuity contract to help you meet your retirement goals. There are additional options to extend your income payments to last the rest of your life and ensure that you never outlive your money.

Interest Rates 

There are three different ways that an annuity grows interest:

Fixed interest rates provide a guaranteed rate of return that never changes and protects your investment from any loss.

Variable interest rates fluctuate typically in relation to stock market performance.  There is potential for higher returns, but there’s also a risk of no gain or even loss of principle.

Indexed annuities have characteristics of both fixed and variable interest rates, which help protect and offer real growth potential.  

What Is A Indexed Annuity?

Indexed annuities – also known as “equity-indexed annuities” or “fixed-indexed annuities” take the benefits of fixed and variable annuities and combine them into one.  These unique investments provide minimum interest guarantees combined with variable interest rates linked to a stock market index, hence the name.

Most indexed annuities invest your funds inside well-known indices like the Dow Jones or the S&P 500.  Some indices target specific segments of the market. And others allow you to pick more than one index.

The key feature to understand is that indexed annuities offer greater returns than fixed annuities and provide greater protection than variable annuities.  As a result of this dual benefit, the popularity of these investments continues to soar.  Sales for these products increased  25% over last year’s numbers.

Why Indexed Annuities Are the Ideal For Retirement Investing

The closer we come to retirement, the more conservative our investments become due to less time to make up for any investment loss. However, most individuals approaching retirement are still looking for ways to add to their retirement nest egg. Finding an investment vehicle that offers both protection and growth is hard to find.

A fixed-indexed annuity may be the only investment vehicle that can do this.

Traditional stocks and mutual funds carry high risk due to market exposure. And we’re all too familiar with the crash of 2008, where millions of Americans watched their 401k’s and stock market investments reduce by half.   Conservative investments such as Bonds and CDs protect your money but often fail to outpace inflation and offer no real growth opportunities.  

The benefits of indexed annuities allow you to participate in market gains and not participate in market loss.  These unique investments offer real growth potential and protection from investment loss.  

Benefits of Indexed Annuities

  • Guaranteed growth that protects from investment loss
  • Potential for higher returns which increase your retirement income
  • Income payments that can last the rest of your life
  • Significant tax advantages
  • Flexible design options to fit any retirement plan
  • Lots of carriers to shop and compare to find your best offer

Finding Your Best Market Offer

Now that you’ve learned about the benefits of fixed-indexed annuities, it’s time to shop around and request an illustration to lay out the details of your potential investment.  Investors must be smart and do their due diligence and not just blindly pick any one carrier.  Although many insurance companies sell these products, the details of the contracts vary.  Finding your best offer can have a significant impact on your retirement income.

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