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Different people have different retirement needs and goals. That’s why Prudential created their annuity product line to help you plan for a more secure future for you and your loved ones. 


As one of the nations leading annuity providers, Prudential has some of the best products on the market today. They offer a full suite of annuity products, flexible design options not found anywhere else in the industry, and competitive rates to help you increase your retirement income. We strongly recommend exploring Prudential annuities before making your investment.

What Can A Prudential Annuity Do For You?

An annuity is a financial contract between you and an insurance carrier in which you exchange premium payments for certain income guarantees in the future. Annuity investment across the country are thriving due to their unique ability to provide both protection and real growth potential for your retirement savings.  Prudential is an industry leader and offers one of the best annuity product lines available with innovative features not found anywhere else in the industry.

Benefits of Prudential Annuities

  • Grow your retirement income
  • Establish guaranteed income for life
  • Protect your retirement nest egg from market downturns
  • Offer flexible, tax-efficient investing
  • Provide a death benefit to your loved ones and leave a legacy

Prudential Variable Annuity Options

Variable annuities can provide both protection and real growth potential for your investment.  Prudential offers various options that allow you to maximize market gains and protections against substantial market loss.

Prudential FlexGuard Indexed Variable Annuity 

f you’re looking for flexible design options and a truly unique investment strategy tailored to your retirement needs, then you’ll love Prudential’s FlexGuard Indexed Variable Annuity. Unlike most annuities that offer few options for contact design, the FlexGuard annuity offers many options to customize your retirement strategy to protect and grow your retirement income. It’s like building your own annuity.

Protect – enjoy multiple layers of protection to guard against market loss.

Grow – participate in market growth, which increases your retirement income

Accelerate – enhanced growth potential with multiple crediting strategies

Additionally, this product helps you keep your market gains with no explicit product fees when allocating index strategies.

Prudential Defined Income Variable Annuity 

If you’re looking to both protect your savings and establish predictable lifetime income, then you’ll love Prudential’s Defined Income Variable Annuity.  This long-term investment product has a built-in benefit that allows you to know exactly what your guaranteed lifetime income will be.  You can take income payments right away or delay your income payments and take even more income later.  Your investment is protected and not subject to market volatility. 

Enjoy the flexible access to your fund, a built-in death benefit, and optional spousal protection.  If you elect for spousal protection, your surviving spouse can continue to receive guaranteed income for the rest of their life.  They also maintain access to the remaining account value should there be an unexpected need to cash out for a lump-sum.

Prudential Premier Investment Variable Annuity 

Unleash the power of tax-efficient investing to help you grow more retirement income. With Prudential’s Premier Investment Variable Annuity, you’ll enjoy growth efficiencies and a full range of investments, which allow you to keep more of your money invested and working for you.

Tax Efficiencies – paying taxes drastically slows down investment growth. Deferring your taxes into the future adds fuel to your investment and helps increase compounding and your overall retirement income. You’ll still pay taxes but not until you begin taking income withdrawals.  You also maintain control over your income payments’ size, and therefore, your final tax-obligation on the investment.

Cost Efficiencies – enjoy an innovative pro-growth fee structure that’s designed to keep more of your money benefiting from compounded growth.

Full Range of Investments – access to investment strategies from leading money management firms. Choose between equities, fixed income, or alternative investments.  You also maintain the ability to rebalance or make changes to your investments without paying taxes or fees.  These investment options give you the freedom to go wherever the market takes you.

Additional Add Ons To The Prudential Premier Annuity

Highest Daily Lifetime Income Benefit – this add-on benefit establishes guaranteed daily growth for your investment regardless of how the market performs. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity for additional daily growth based not on your investment choices’ performance.

Here’s how it works:

Every day that your annuity reaches a new high, that value gets locked in for retirement income purposes and immediately begins growing at an annual compounded rate for the first 10 years or until you begin taking income withdrawals.  After 10 years, your highest daily account value can continue to grow until you begin taking your lifetime income withdrawals.  Even if the market goes down, your retirement income remains locked in at its highest daily value and continues to grow.

Prudential’s Legacy Protection Plus Death Benefit – this add-on benefit ensures that the death benefit increases each year no matter how the market performs. Additionally, you control how your beneficiary receives the benefit payout – lump-sum or scheduled payments.

Prudential My Rock Variable Annuity

Although still Prudential’s product, this final variable annuity from Prudential is actually issued and underwritten through Pruco Life Insurance and Pruco Life Insurance Company of New Jersey.  This variable annuity option provides two distinct optional benefits – The Defined Income Benefit & The Dynamic Income Benefit.  However, the two benefits cannot be selected together. 

The difference between this product and Prudential’s Defined Income annuity is the ability to select lifetime income that can evolve with you as your needs change. Though a completely different product, if you’re attracted to the idea of guaranteed lifetime income, we suggest exploring Prudential’s Defined Income Annuity.

Prudential Fixed Annuity Options

Prudential’s fixed annuity options provide a guaranteed growth rate for your investment, which means protection from market exposure. Fixed annuities typically exchange lower interest rates in exchange for greater principle protections. Here’s a look at the fixed annuities Prudential offers.

Prudential ProSecure Fixed Indexed Annuity

If you’re looking to protect your retirement nest egg from potential loss and still have the opportunity for growth, then Prudential’s ProSecure Fixed Indexed Annuity is right for you.  It offers:

Guaranteed Protection – your premium payments and any investment growth are fully protected against market loss. 

Growth Opportunity – your investment can grow based on the index performance that you select upon annuity purchase.  You participate in and secure market gains and remain 100% protected against market loss. 

Tax-Deferral – enjoy greater investment compounding by avoiding taxable events until you begin taking income distributions. 

Prudential SurePath Fixed Indexed Annuity

Similar to the ProSecure annuity, Prudential’s SurePath annuity also offers 100% protection against market loss while having an attractive cap rate in which you can participate in market gains. This product offers two different ways for you to potentially grow your retirement income: a ‘guaranteed fixed rate’ combined with a ‘variable index-based’ component. The fixed interest rate is guaranteed and designed to help outpace inflation, while the indexed element fluctuates depending on your investment index’s performance. Your investment funds are not actually inside the market index but produce returns based on that index performance.

As an additional add-on, you can select the SurePath Income benefit, which expands your annuity to provide guaranteed lifetime income. You can begin taking income payments right away or increase your income payments by delaying your withdrawals into the future.

Prudential Fixed Annuity with Daily Advantage Income Benefit

If you’re looking for investment security and control over the schedule of your retirement income, then you’ll love Prudential’s Fixed annuity with Daily Advantage Income Benefit.  This product provides 100% protection against principle loss and establishes a lifetime income stream that’s predictable and secure.

As with Prudential’s other fixed annuity options, you’ll enjoy tax-deferred investment compounding, which increases your overall retirement income.  The Daily Advantage Benefit guarantees daily investment growth until you begin taking income payments.  By electing to delay your income withdrawals into the future you can increase your retirement income.

Invest with One of the Highest Rated Carriers

While many people overlook financial ratings, anyone looking for peace of mind about their investment will not. Strong financial ratings reflect a carrier’s ability to payout obligations to policyholders. Many people are unaware that a bank or the government does not secure annuity investments. Your investment is as secure as the company with which you enter into a contract.

Prudential has earned strong ratings from all the major rating institutions and shows a long track record of onetime payments to their customers. 

AM Best: A+ * Fitch: AA- * Moody’s: Aa3 * S&P: AA-

If you choose to purchase a Prudential annuity, you can enjoy the added peace of mind of investing with a highly rated carrier. 

Time To Shop & Compare Your Options

Though we have nothing but positive things to say about Prudential and their products, they still may not be the right carrier for you.  Savvy investors will take the time to shop and compare their options from all the top-rated carriers before making an annuity purchase. And that’s exactly what we’re here to help you do.

Our independent agency provides free illustrations and comparisons to help you maximize your retirement investing.  Our independent agents work for YOU, not the insurance carriers.

We’ve helped thousands of individuals secure better interest rates and better annuity contracts. We’d love to help you too!  Our services are free. And there’s never any obligation when speaking with an agent.

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