Life Insurance with Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Affordable life insurance with pre-existing medical conditions is possible.  You just need to know where to look.

Get up to $40,000 cash for your family. No medical exams required.


As long as you’re between age 50 and 85, you cannot be turned down due to your health.  Your acceptance is guaranteed. 

Poor Health Increases The Need For Life Insurance 

Did you know that 70 million Americans ages 50 and older—four out of five older adults—suffer from at least one chronic condition?

Individuals living in poor health face increasing financial challenges as they age. Many get to the end of life without adequate funds to pay for end-of-life costs.  As a result, it’s estimated that 40% of American seniors will leave a financial burden to loved ones when they die. 

The good news is that life insurance funds can ease or eliminate end-of-life expenses protecting your family from financial hardship.  

If you think affordable life insurance with pre-existing conditions is impossible, it’s not.  There are multiple types of policies that individuals in poor health can qualify for.  Below we take a closer look.

Life Insurance Options for People with Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Traditional life insurance requires extensive medical exams.  As a result, these policies are best suited for healthy, working-aged individuals.

Individuals with chronic health conditions have trouble qualifying for traditional coverage.  They are either declined coverage or pay dramatically higher rates because of their health.  The good news is traditional life insurance is not the only option.  

Final Expense Life Insurance 

These policies are easy to qualify for, do not require a medical exam, and provide guaranteed funds to help pay for end-of-life costs.  There are many top-rated carriers to shop. And our agency helps you find your best price. 


  • Age 50 to 85
  • Up to $40,000
  • Day 1 coverage
  • No medical exam but there are basic health questions and criteria – not everyone will qualify 

Qualifying Conditions

Many common health conditions will qualify. However, individuals with severe chronic conditions will need to shop guaranteed acceptance policies.

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance 

These policies are the last resort option for life insurance coverage with pre-existing medical conditions. There are no medical exams or health questions, and you cannot be turned down due to health reasons.


  • Age 50 – 85
  • Up to $30,000 in coverage
  • 2-year limited benefit
  • No exam or any health questions

For individuals with severe health complications, guaranteed acceptance is the only available form of coverage.  Terminal patients can also qualify.

Finding Your Best Policy

Individuals seeking life insurance with pre-existing conditions face challenges that can result in frustration and wasted time if going about it alone.   Most individuals who go about the shopping process alone end up uninsured or paying way more than they have to. 

Savvy shoppers will work with an independent agency to save both time and money on their police.

Our independent agency specializes in helping individuals with pre-existing medical conditions and secure life insurance funds. We represent all the top-rated carriers and can quickly locate your best market options.

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