Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Review

Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage is the nations leading final expense program. The company employs tens of thousands of agents and heavily markets its products brilliantly. Although they sell lots of policies, they may not be the best carrier to purchase from.

Lincoln Heritage life insurance is expensive. And they have low policy limits. Other insurance carriers offer lower rates, higher coverage amounts, and more flexibility to customize your policy.

If you’re considering buying life insurance from Lincoln Heritage, we strongly suggest quoting your other options before making a purchase.

Below we dig a little deeper into the Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Program to help you make an informed decision. 

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Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Overview

  • Only one policy option
  • Ages 45 to 85 
  • Rates are not cheap 
  • Policies are limited to $20,000 
  • No Medical Exam but there are health questions 
  • Two-year waiting period if not in good health 
  • Free Membership in the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society


Lincoln Heritage BBB Rating is A+. However, their customer reviews are disappointing, displaying 2 out of 5 stars. 

Lincoln Heritage AM Best rating is A- (Excellent)  


Review of Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance – Funeral Advantage

Lincoln Heritage Life insurance company is not like most insurance providers. Rather than providing multiple options to fit the needs of their clients, they only offer a single policy called the Lincoln Heritage funeral advantage program.

Funeral Advantage Program Policy Details

The single policy offered by Lincoln Heritage is a low limit life insurance policy that provides up to $20,000 in coverage. There are no medical exams. However, there are several health questions, and not everyone will qualify. This program is available for individuals ages 45 to 85. 

Depending on your health, the Funeral Advantage Program issues either immediate or modified coverage. 

Option # 1 – Immediate Coverage:  This policy design provides day one coverage and standard premium rates. There is no waiting period for the full death benefit. Individuals who are at least moderately healthy will qualify for this policy. 

This policy is a standard Final Expense Life Insurance that provides simplified underwriting and permanent whole life coverage. 

Option # 2 – Modified Coverage:  The modified coverage plan is for individuals with less than perfect health. This plan has higher rates and imposes a two-year waiting period before the full death benefit is eligible. 

Lincoln Heritage does not offer a guaranteed acceptance life insurance option. Therefore individuals with severe health conditions won’t qualify. 

Many individuals seeking life insurance with pre-existing medical conditions will need to seek out guaranteed acceptance coverage from other insurance providers.

What We like

One way or another, Lincoln Heritage is the leading provider of final expense life insurance. It’s safe to say they do a lot of things right. Here’s what we like. 

Simple Straight forward Applications – The Funeral Advantage Program from Lincoln Heritage is simple and easy. The company is very narrow with what they offer, which makes for super simple applications. 

Membership into the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society – Another benefit of the Funeral Advantage Program is that all policy owners get free membership into the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society (FCGS). This organization helps you save money on your funeral expenses.

What We Don’t Like

In our opinion, Lincoln Heritage life insurance policies are inferior to other carriers in the following ways.

Expensive Policies – If you’re on a budget and shopping for the lowest rate, then Lincoln Heritage is not the best company for you. Several of their competitors offer lower premium rates. 

Low Policy Limits – The Funeral Advantage Program has a $20,000 policy limit. Though this amount will cover all if not most of your funeral expenses, many individuals need larger policies to prevent leaving a financial burden behind for their families. Our agency represents over a dozen insurance carriers that offer higher policy limits and lower premium rates. 

Let’s Find You A Better Policy 

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