Medicare Part C

What is Medicare Part C?

Medicare Part C is more commonly known as Medicare Advantage. It allows you to purchase private health insurance plans to expand your Medicare benefits and fill the financial gaps of Original Medicare.

Why Medicare Part C is Needed

Original Medicare provides excellent benefits for both inpatient and outpatient services.

However, looming inside your coverage are deductibles, coinsurance, and copays that leave you exposed to out of pocket medical costs.

Original Medicare also fails to provide coverage for commonly needed services such as vision, dental, and prescription drugs.


Medicare Part C expands your Medicare benefits to protect your health and your finances better. You can think of Medicare Part C as an all in one solution to your health care needs.

Your Original Medicare coverage get bundled with additional benefits into one comprehensive policy. 

Medicare Part C is the third of the four parts of Medicare.

  • Medicare Part C – Medicare Advantage
  • Medicare Part D – Prescription Drugs

How to Purchase Medicare Part C

Private health insurance companies sell Medicare Advantage plans, not the government. (This is also true for Medicare Supplemental Insurance.). However, Medicare does set the rules and regulations for all Part C plans. 

Only companies contracted with Medicare can sell these policies.  

The best way to purchase a Medicare Part C policy is with an independent insurance agency. Independent agents help you shop and compare all of your best market offers. By working with an independent agent, you’ll save both time and money on your policy. 

When To Enroll In Medicare Part C

There are multiple Medicare enrollment periods for Medicare Part C. 

The initial Medicare enrollment period is a seven-month window that begins three months before your 65th birthday, includes your birthday month, and continues for the following three months. The initial enrollment period is the best time to sign up for a policy.

If you decide to forgo Medicare Advantage during the initial enrollment period, you can also purchase a policy during the annual election period between October 15th – December 7th ever year. If you enroll during this period, your policy will begin on January 1st the following year. 

Medicare Part C policies provide coverage for a single year at a time. Each year you must re-enroll to keep your coverage. Every year private insurance companies submit changes of their policies to Medicare for approval. 

Provider networks, premium amounts, copays, and the formulary list of covered prescription drugs get updated annually. Because of these changes, Medicare gives you the ability to change your plan every year.

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How Much Does Part C Cost?

Although Medicare regulates the policy details of Part C plans, the issuing company gets to set the price, which is why it’s important to shop before you buy.   

The cost of your plan is dependent on the additional benefits that your policy includes. Fully comprehensive plans will, of course, cost more than those with fewer benefits. The good news is you are free to shop and compare policies to find the benefits you need and at the lowest cost. 

Medicare mandates that Medicare Advantage plans includes your Part A and Part B benefits. Medicare will send a check to the policy provider to cover your Original Medicare benefits, and you’ll pay the difference.

Every year millions of Medicare beneficiaries choose to enroll in Medicare Part C. These plans offer flexible design options and are relatively affordable for most households. 

Customize Your Medicare Benefits

If you are eligible for Medicare benefits, then the best way to customize your coverage is with a Medicare Part C policy. You get to add the benefits you need and leave out the ones that you don’t. 

Enrolling in the right policy can save you thousands of dollars every year in out-of-pocket medical costs.   

Our independent agency is here to help you shop and compare the best Medicare Part C policies to protect your health and your retirement savings.

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