Compare Long Term Care Insurance Companies

Consumers today have dozens of long term care insurance companies to shop when looking for a policy. However, finding your best carrier option will require some research done on your part.

Policy detail, rates, and quality of service all vary between carriers. Individuals who take the time to shop for their available options thoroughly will end up with better coverage and at a lower price.

Below are the top-rated long term care insurance carriers on the market today. In our opinion, these carriers have the most robust policy offering and the best premium rates.

Our agents are here to assist you in pulling quotes, generating personalized illustrations, and comparing plans side by side.

Comparing Long Term Care Insurance Companies

When shopping for your policy, it’s important to understand that there is no single best insurance company.

The long term care insurance market is extremely competitive. 

And insurance carriers compete with each other by catering to different subgroups of the population. While some companies cater to healthy individuals, other carriers favor those with pre-existing health conditions. The best insurance provider for you will be dependent on your unique life circumstances.

Our team of experts is here to help you navigate the complex world on long term care insurance. We help you find your best market offers and help you make the best decision for your health and your finances.

Follow our 3 step process to finding your best policy offer.


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Finding The Right Long Term Care Insurance Company

1. Determine how much you can invest.  Much of the frustration that arises when shopping for long term care stems from not knowing how much you can afford. Unless you know your budget and how much you can invest, it’s impossible to figure out if the investment makes sense financially.  

We recommend taking the time to sit down and get clear about your budget. Knowing what you can and can’t afford removes most of the stress out of shopping for a policy.  

2. Compare your market options.  You might be surprised how much insurance plans and rates vary between carriers. Those take the time to shop the top carriers will quickly find this out.  

Confidence in your decision will come from knowing that you’ve compared all of your options. Regretful purchases arise from picking a plan and carrier blindly and then finding out later that you overpaid. 

3. Apply for your policy.  Once you know your budget and have compared your market options, its time to select a product and submit an application. 

Long term care insurance quotes and illustrations are projections; they are not legal contracts. Only once you go through the application process are the exact details of your coverage finalized. 

Keep in mind that long term care insurance policies have medical underwriting, and therefore not everyone will qualify.    

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