United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Plans

United Healthcare Medicare Advantage plans provide robust benefits and competitive premium rates.

As the nation’s largest provider of Medicare Advantage, United Healthcare has millions of satisfied customers. We strongly suggest exploring United Healthcare Medicare Advantage before making a policy purchase.

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United HealthCare Is Number One Choice For Medicare Advantage Plans 

Although there are dozens of companies that sell Medicare Advantage, United Healthcare stands out above the competition. 

Currently, United HealthCare holds 25% of all active Medicare Advantage policies. They have grown to be the nation’s largest medicare advantage provider by offering innovative products, competitive rates, and great customer service. 

Although the Medicare market is competitive, only two other companies can compete with United Healthcare’s market share.

Humana Medicare Advantage  17% of all policies

Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage 14% of all policies

As you can see, United Healthcare is the dominant company in the Medicare Advantage market. We highly suggest requesting a quote and exploring what they have to offer. 

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United Health Care Offers Flexible Medicare Advantage Policies

One of the reasons United Health Care advantage plans are so popular is the flexibility in policy design. United allows you yo add the benefits you want, and leave out the ones you don’t. They offer several coverage options and flexible design to fit the health and financial needs of their customers. 

How Good Are Their Rates?

A Medicare Advantage policy is only beneficial if you can afford the monthly premiums to keep your policy in force. The good news is that United Healthcare Medicare Advantage rates are among the lowest in the country.  

Many factors contribute to the cost of your policy. Your age, health condition, state of residence, zip code, and sex all contribute to premium rates.  

Our independent agents help you adjust your policy so that premiums fit comfortably with your budget. 

United Healthcare Underwrites AARP Advantage Plans

Did you know AARP does not issue or underwrite their insurance policies? It’s true. AARP has various insurance offerings, all of which are through third-party insurance carriers. 

United health care is the exclusive Medicare Advantage provider for AARP members. This coveted partnership reflects the value that United Healthcare brings to its customers. 

Alternatives To Medicare Advantage

Individuals new to Medicare quickly discover their benefits are far from comprehensive. Consequently, many Medicare beneficiaries choose to expand and customize their benefits with a Medicare Advantage policy.   

Besides Medicare Advantage, there is another way to cover some, but not all, of the shortcoming of Original Medicare. 

Medicare Supplemental Insurance is an alternative way to cover the financial gaps of Medicare but not add any additional covered services. There are ten different Medigap plans available, and each plan covers a different set of gaps. Our friendly agents can help you explore both Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplemental insurance policies to customize your Medicare benefits. 

Working with Our Independent Agency

Individuals who work with an independent agent when shopping for insurance coverage almost always end up with better coverage and lower premium rates.  

Our independent agents do not work for the insurance companies, instead, they work for YOU. You get a Medicare expert working for you and looking out for your best interest.  

We help you explore all of your options and quickly pull quotes from all the top carriers operating in your state. In just a few minutes, we’ll pair you with your best option and assist with the application process when you’re ready to move forward. 

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