Humana Medicare Advantage Plans

Humana Medicare Advantage Plans are among the best on the market. They offer flexible policy design, competitive rates and have great customer service. As a result, Humana has grown to be the second-largest Medicare Advantage provider in the U.S., and we strongly suggest exploring what they have to offer.

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Expand Your Medicare Benefits with Humana Medicare Advantage 

Humana’s Medicare Advantage Plans expand your Medicare coverage to include vision, dental, hearing, and prescription drugs.  You don’t lose any of your Original Medicare benefits. These additional benefits get bundled together with your Original Medicare to provide customized and comprehensive health insurance.  You pay a single monthly premium, and that’s it. No more paying out of pocket for copays, coinsurance, or the multiple deductibles that loom inside Original Medicare.  Everything is bundled inside Humana’s Medicare Advantage.  

More Seniors are Choosing Medicare Advantage  

Did you know that nearly 20 million people (1 in 3 Medicare Beneficiaries) participate in Medicare Advantage?  And by 2030, that number is expected to reach 50% of all Medicare beneficiaries.

Today’s seniors are living longer; and at the same time facing rising medical costs, inflation, and cost-of-living. Original Medicare is great, but it doesn’t provide comprehensive coverage or is it designed to face the needs of seniors today.  

Human is the Second Largest Provider of Medicare Advantage

While there is no shortage of Medicare Advantage insurance providers, three carriers dominate the market and offer the best plans and premiums. Humana is one of these three.

According to the Kaiser Foundation, here are the total Medicare Advantage Market Percentages for the big three providers:

It may seem strange that three carriers hold 55% of the market, but it’s not without good reason.  Compared to other insurance providers, these three offer the most policy value and the lowest premium rates.  

Humana’s Medicare Advantage Options

One reason why so many people choose Humana Medicare Advantage is the flexibility to customize their plan to match lifestyle and budget. 

Humana knows that there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to health insurance. Therefore they allow you to tailor your plan to include the benefits you want and to leave out the ones you don’t. 

Various Networks & Policy Types 

One of the best aspects of Humana is the ability to choose between three different types of Medicare Advantage plans. Medicare HMO, Medicare PPO, and Medicare FFS plan options.   

Humana Gold Plus HMO

Humana Gold Plus HMO (health maintenance organization) is typically the lowest cost option for Medicare Advantage. With Humana Gold Plus HMO, you choose a primary doctor to coordinate all your healthcare services. Referrals from your chosen physician are required before you can receive other healthcare services. This referral process reduces waste and allows Humana to offer lower premiums.  

Human Choice PPO

Humana Choice PPO (preferred provider organization) allows you to visit any doctor in or out of the network. However, you will save money by seeing an in-network doctor. PPO plans give you more freedom and flexibility on how you receive your health care services. These plans offer predictable premiums and coinsurance that provide easy budgeting for your health care cost. 

Humana Gold Plus PFFS

Humana Gold Plus PFFS (pay-for-fee service plan) allows you to see any doctor who accepts Medicare as long as they agree to Humana’s terms of service. This policy type is great for healthy individuals who don’t expect too many office visits in the upcoming year. Those who chose this option pay a preset fee for all services beyond what Original Medicare covers. Humana’s PFFS plan is less popular; however, it can fit well for specific individuals.  

** The type of policies available to you will vary depending on where you live.

How Much Do Policies Cost?

As mentioned above, Humana’s Medicare Advantage options are some of the lowest-cost policies available on the market.  However, your age, state of residence, zip code, policy type, and health status are all factors that contribute to the final cost of your policy.

Although Medicare Advantage has a cost, these plans work to save you money. Advantage plans eliminate your out-of-pocket Medicare costs in exchange for a fixed monthly premium. Therefore your monthly premium expands your Medicare benefits and eliminates your Medicare deductibles, coinsurance, and copays. In some states, Humana even offers a $0 premium option. 

Rather than thinking of your policy as a monthly expense, understand that Medicare Advantage plans save you money on medical expenses throughout the year by eliminating your out-of-pocket medical costs.  

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