Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Plans

Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Plans Are Among The Best On The Market.

As the nation’s third-largest provider of Medicare Advantage, Blue Cross Blue Sheild offers multiple policy options, flexible design, and low premium rates. We highly recommend exploring what BCBS has to offer before moving forward with a policy purchase.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield is a Popular Choice for Medicare Advantage Plans 

BCBS is a massive company. Yet they operate through smaller regional affiliate companies to provide local touch to the communities they serve. Anthem, Regence, and Hallmark are a few of their well-known affiliated companies; however, they all operate under BCBS.   

Many insurance companies sell Medicare Advantage; however, a recent report shows that three dominant carriers issue the majority of the policies. Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of them. 

These three carriers combine or more than half of all current Advantage policies. Your best policy will likely come from one of these three companies. 

Our independent agency helps you shop and compare Medicare Advantage plans from all three carriers and several other top competitors. 

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Options

There are three main types of Medicare Advantage plans. Each type has its pros and cons. As a result, you get to determine how you will receive your care. BCBS is among the few insurance carriers to offer all three policy types.  

  • Medicare HMO – Health Maintenance Organization
  • Medicare PPO – Preferred Provider Organization
  • Medicare FFS – Private Fee For Services 

BCBS Medicare Advantage HMO

This policy requires you to designate a primary care doctor that will direct and coordinate your health care services. Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare HMO plans reduce needless waste through this referral process and, therefore, can offer you lower premium rates. HMO’s are usually the lowest cost option. 

BCBS Medicare Advantage PPO

This policy allows you to schedule and receive any covered service from any provider as long as they accept Medicare patients and BCBS insurance. 

Services administered by an in-network (preferred) provider have lower rates, yet you maintain the freedom of seeing out-of-network doctors. Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare PPO plan does not require you to obtain a doctor’s referral to receive services. As a result, this type of policy is convenient for individuals who frequently require office visits. 

BCBS Medicare Advantage Fee-for-Service plan

Fee-for-Service plans allow you to see any doctor who accepts Medicare patients and agrees to BCBS terms of service. When you see a care provider, you pay a pre-set fix price established inside your Medicare Advantage policy. Healthy individuals who don’t expect many office visits in the upcoming year will benefit most from a Blue Cross Blue Shield Fee-for-service plan.

** Although BCBS operates in most states, the types of Medicare Advantage plans available vary by location.

How Much Do BCBS Medicare Advantage Plans Cost?

Many factors contribute to the cost of your Medicare Advantage policy. Your age, gender, state of residence, health history, and tobacco status all affect your premium rate. Therefore, the only way to find out the cost of your potential plan is to request a personalized quote.

As our clients quickly discover, BCBS is almost always one of the lowest-cost options when we pull quotes. They are particularly competitive for individuals with less than perfect health.  

Alternatives for Customizing Medicare 

Medicare Advantage provides an all-in-one solution for your health insurance needs; however, there are other options to customize your Medicare benefits. 

Medicare Supplemental Insurance fills the financial gaps that loom within Medicare. These plans protect you from co-pays, coinsurance, and the multiple deductibles contained in your Original Medicare. Medicare supplement plans protect you from the financial gaps within Medicare; they do not add any additional benefits as with Medicare Advantage. 

Medicare Part D is another option to expand your Medicare benefits to include prescription drug coverage. However, all Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage plans include prescription drug coverage. 

All of these Medicare options are single-year policies. You are free to change carriers or adjust your plan each year during the Medicare Enrollment Period.

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