Life Insurance with Parkinson’s Disease

You might not think affordable life insurance with Parkinson’s disease is possible, but it is.

Several insurance carriers offer guaranteed acceptance life insurance for people with Parkinson’s disease. And our independent agency is here to help you find your best option.
As long as you’re between ages 50 and 85, you cannot be turned down due to your condition. Your acceptance is guaranteed.

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Parkinson’s Disease and the Need For Life Insurance

Parkinson’s disease can drastically impact both your health and your finances. 

Health and life expectancy:

Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects dopamine-producing cells in the brain. Parkinson’s disease is diverse, and symptoms are unique in each person. Those affected experience tremors, lack of motor function, limb rigidity, impacted speech, and balance problems. The consequences of these symptoms increase the risk of incidences and accidents that can cause injury or death.  

Increased risk for other chronic diseases 

Parkinson’s patients have an increased risk for other health complications and chronic diseases.  Possible complications for Parkinson’s disease include Heart disease, melanoma, and dementia. 

Dementia is the most common disease that develops due to Parkinson’s neurodegenerative impact. A staggering 50 to 80% of Parkinson’s patients will develop dementia. 

Financial Impact of Parkinson’s Disease

Living with chronic health issues is likely to bring financial challenges.

recent press release from the Michael J Fox Foundation sheds light on the devastating financial impact that Parkinson’s disease can create.

“There are a lot of surprise costs when you have Parkinson’s,” said Steve DeWitte, a PD research funding advocate from New Preston, Connecticut, “Beyond the rising costs of medications and healthcare, my family has shouldered the financial burden of my having to leave the workforce 15 years earlier than I had planned. That means our income dropped by more than half, and we’ve had to figure out how to stretch our budget to cover the everyday household tasks I can no longer physically do.”

Are you financially prepared for end-of-life costs?

Just as it costs thousands of dollars to bring life into this world, it’s also expensive when you leave. Funerals often exceed $10,000, and many people leave behind unpaid credit card bills or personal debts. Without a financial plan, your family will likely pay these costs out-of-pocket. 

So what’s the answer?

A senior life insurance policy provides guaranteed funds your loved ones can use to pay your end-of-life expenses. Life insurance funds help reduce or eliminate funeral cost, medical debts, credit card balances, or any other expense that your family chooses. There are no restrictions on how to use policy funds. 


Life Insurance Policies for People with Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s patients, as well as most people seeking life insurance with pre-existing medical conditions, have limited life insurance options. Parkinson’s patients will no longer qualify for traditional final expense life insurance; however, guaranteed acceptance life insurance is still available.

Guaranteed acceptance life insurance provides up to $30,000 in guaranteed funds for your family. There are no medical exams or any health questions. As long as you’re between ages 50 and 85, you cannot be turned down for health reasons.

Plans are relatively affordable for most budgets. And there are several carriers offering coverage so you can shop for your best price.

Finding Your Best Policy

Finding your best life insurance policy with Parkinson’s disease can be challenging. Individuals who go about the shopping process on their own often overpay, or worse, end up completely uninsured. 

Our independent agency is here to help you shop and compare life insurance companies side by side so you can find your best policy and premium rate. 

Although we represent over a dozen of the nation’s top carriers, we believe the following three are the best life insurance companies for Parkinson’s patients. They offer the best rates and have simplified applications.  

Apply & Enroll

Enrolling in life insurance with Parkinson’s disease is easier than you think. Because there are no health questions or medical exams, enrollment takes just 15 minutes over the phone with one of our agents. 

The enrollment steps are simple: Quote. Compare. Enroll.  

Our friendly agents are here to help you the whole way through. 

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