Life Insurance for People with HIV

You might not think life insurance with HIV is possible, but it is. 

Several top insurance providers offer life insurance for people HIV positive. And our independent agency is here to help you find your best price.

As long as you’re between age 50 and 85,  your acceptance is guaranteed. 

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HIV And The Need For Life Insurance

An HIV diagnosis will have a significant impact on both your health and your bank account. 

HIV & Your Health

HIV attacks and weakens your immune system. As a result, you become more vulnerable to infections, diseases, and even cancer.

Susceptibility worsens as the syndrome advances. HIV often develops into aids but not in every case.

Although the life expectancy of HIV patients is almost that of the general population, insurance carriers treat this disease very seriously due to the likelihood of health complications.  

Common HIV Complications:

  • Tuberculosis (TB)
  • Cytomegalovirus
  • Candidiasis
  • Cryptococcal meningitis
  • Toxoplasmosis
  • Cryptosporidiosis
  • Kaposi’s sarcoma
  • Lymphoma
  • Wasting syndrome
  • Neurological complications

HIV & Your Bank Account

Living with HIV is likely to add additional financial strain to your existing life situation.

To begin with, treatment for HIV is expensive. After diagnosis, you’ll need regular check-ups with your doctor, as well as ongoing Antiretroviral Therapy to keep the disease in check. Even with good health insurance coverage, the increased need for medical care can result in significant out of pocket costs.  

HIV is also likely to affect your work life and your ability to produce income. And because no one plans on getting HIV, it’s almost certain that the disease will disrupt your original financial plan. 

How Life Insurance Can Help HIV Patients

A life insurance policy provides a financial safety net around those you love most. That way, no matter how the future unfolds, you can rest easy knowing that the funds will be there when needed the most.

Life insurance provides guaranteed funds to help reduce or eliminate end-of-life expenses. Your funeral costs, unpaid medical bills, and personal debts can leave a terrible burden upon your surviving loved ones. 


Life Insurance Options for People with HIV

It’s common knowledge that individuals seeking life insurance with pre-existing medical conditions have limited life insurance options. However, you still have options. 

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance is the only coverage option for individuals HIV positive. There are no medical exams or any health questions. As a result, the applications for guaranteed acceptance plans are super simple. 

Guaranteed acceptance plans are also known as senior life insurance because you must be between ages 50 and 85 to apply. 

Finding Your Best Policy & Price

Individuals shopping for life insurance on their own often pay more than they have to for their coverage, or worse, end up completely uninsured.  

There are dozens of insurance carriers offering guaranteed acceptance life insurance. However, the following three carriers will likely be the best choice for those seeking life insurance with HIV.

AIG Life Insurance  – Gerber Life Insurance – Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance

These three providers offer the most competitive rates, are highly rated by current policyholders, and have the easiest applications. We strongly suggest quoting these insurance carriers before moving forward with a policy purchase. 

Our independent agency helps you shop and compare life insurance companies side by side so you can find your best policy and price. 

We provide quotes from our three suggested carriers as well as their top competitors.   

How To Enroll Today

Enrolling in life insurance with HIV is easier than you might think.

Because there are no medical exams or any health questions, the application process is super simple. 

You can begin today by filling out the form on your screen. You’ll instantly see rates from all the top providers operating in your state. 

 The enrollment process takes about 15 minutes. And your coverage can begin the very next day. Once enrolled, we ship your policy directly to you for a risk-free review.  

Most states allow up to 30 days a free look period in which you can review your policy at no risk. Our agents work with you through this period to make sure your policy is the right fit for your needs and your budget. 

Our independent agency specializes in helping those in poor health secure quality life insurance coverage. We’ve helped thousands do just that, and we’d love to help you too!

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