Mutual Of Omaha Long Term Care Insurance

Mutual of Omaha Long Term Care Insurance offers flexible design options and some of the best premium rates available. This reputable carrier is well-known for providing quality products and quality service.

We highly recommend exploring what MOO has to offer before making a policy purchase.

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Mutual of Omaha Long Term Care Insurance Overview

  • Licensed in 49 states
  • AM Best Rating A+
  • Moody’s Rating A1
  • S&P Global Rating AA-



  • Comprehensive coverage for all possible long term needs
  • One of the lowest cost policies available on the market
  • Speedy access to benefits


  • Robust policies can have overly complicated design options


Mutual of Omaha – Strong, Stable, & Respected

Mutual of Omaha is a well-known and respected financial institution with broad name recognition across the country. They’ve built a reputation of quality financial products and outstanding customer service. 

As shown above, MOO holds excellent financial ratings with all the top rating institutions. Their prudent approach to investing has developed both stability and financial strength for the company.  

Although many people will overlook financial ratings, we strongly suggest you don’t. Purchasing your policy from a highly rated carrier will bring added peace of mind and confidence about your investment. 

Mutual of Omaha Offers Flexible Long Term Care Insurance Options

Anyone shopping for long term care insurance will quickly find out that not all policies are the same. Insurance carriers differ significantly on price, design options, and policy value.

With Mutual of Omaha LTC insurance, you’ll enjoy flexible design options that many other long term care companies fail to offer. 

Length of coverage: choose the coverage length of your policy between two and five years. Mutual of Omaha is one of the few carriers that offer policies longer than three years. 

Pooled Money Model: most long term care insurance policies limit the total funds you can access when making a policy claim. Mutual of Omaha uses a pool of money model, which allows you to access the entire value of your policy. Overall policy dollars, not time, determine your benefit limits. If you were to have a significant life event and need more than your daily payout, you could request up to 40% of the total policy value as a lump sum to help pay for those expenses.

Alternative Options For Coverage

Mutual of Omaha also offers alternatives to long term care insurance. They offer both senior life insurance policies and annuity investments in which you can add a long term care rider. These riders give you the benefits of two different investment products. 

If you were to need long term care, the rider would activate and allow you access to your investment funds while living. If the rider remains unused on a life insurance policy, then the funds are distributed to your beneficiary as a lump sum death benefit.  Additionaly, if the rider remains unused on a retirement annuity, then your funds are redistributed as retirement income payments. 

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Additional Benefits of MOO Long Term Care Insurance 

Get Your Money Faster

Mutual of Omaha further separates from the competition by giving you access to your funds faster than other providers.

When purchasing an LTC policy, you designate an Elimination period (waiting period), which establishes the length of time between making a policy claim and when you receive payout installments.  

Most insurance companies factor the elimination period in ‘service days’ (weekdays only). Mutual of Omaha is one of the very few carriers that count all calendar days rather than service days. As a result, Mutual of Omaha’s long term care insurance gets you paid faster. 

Choose Your Caregiver

Statistics show that nearly 70% of people over 65 will require some form of long term care before they die. It may surprise you that the majority of long term care takes place in your home and not inside a nursing home or treatment facility.

The most common form of long term care is ‘personal care’ or custodial care,’ which occurs when you need assistance in daily living activities such as eating, bathing, and dressing. 

Most insurance companies require that at-home care providers be agency affiliated, which are more expensive and use your benefits funds faster. Mutual of Omaha allows you to choose your at-home caregiver. This can be a spouse, family member, or whomever you want to administer your care.

Compare Mutual Of Omaha Long Term Care Insurance with Top Competitors

Although we love mutual of Omaha as a company, they may or may not have your best policy offer. As with all forms of insurance, there is no single best provider.  

The long term care market is fiercely competitive. Insurance carriers compete for different subgroups of the market. While some carriers cater to the young and healthy, others cater to the elderly and the sick. Finding the best carrier for you will depend on your health, age, gender, budget, state of residence, and policy size.   

Our friendly team of experts will help you shop and compare long term care insurance companies side by side to find your best policy quickly. 

Independent Agencies Save You Money 

Individuals shopping for long term care insurance without the help of an independent agent will likely end up paying more for their policy. Unless you take the time to shop all of your options, how could you be sure you’re getting the best price?  

Our independent agency works for YOU, not the insurance companies. We look out for your best interest and shop all the top-rated carriers for you. We’ll locate your best market offers so you can make the best financial decision for your health and your finances. 

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