OneAmerica Long Term Care Insurance

OneAmerica long term care insurance offers flexible design options, competitive rates, and lenient medical underwriting. 

This highly-rated carrier has been in business for over a hundred years and continues to be a leader in the long term care insurance market. We strongly suggest looking at what OneAmerica has to offer before making a policy purchase.

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OneAmerica Long Term Care Insurance Overview

  • Adds long term care rider to either an annuity or hybrid life insurance policy.
  • 140-year-old company
  • AM Best Rating A+
  • Standard & Poor’s Rating AA-
  • Great reviews from current policyholders.


Policy Pros

  • Multiple options for Long Term Care protection.
  • Lenient underwriting for pre-existing conditions.
  • Competitive rates

Policy Cons

  • Not traditional long term care insurance
  • May not fit all retirement plans.
  • Underwritten by third party carriers.
  • Rates differ drastically among states.
  • Home caregivers must be agency affiliated, which will drain your benefits faster. 


OneAmerica Long Term Care Insurance Quotes


Review Of OneAmerica’s Financial Stability

The first thing to discuss is the financial stability of the insurance carrier you’re about to do business with. Although many people pay no attention to financial ratings, the savvy shopper will. High ratings reflect a carrier’s investment practices as well as the ability to payout obligations to policyholders. Purchasing from a highly rated carrier will bring added peace of mind and confidence about your investment. 

OneAmerica has been in business for 140 years. Over that time, the company has built a long track record of financial strength and stability.  

OneAmerica Long Term Care Insurance Options

OneAmerica offers two types of policies. Both of which are alternatives to traditional long term care insurance.  Here’s what they have to offer: 

Life insurance with long term care rider: Also known as hybrid life insurance policies. OneAmerica offers senior life insurance policies with an added long term care rider to give you two types of coverage in a single policy. The rider on your policy is activated if you cannot perform multiple daily activities such as eating, bathing, dressing, ext. Hybrid policies allow you to use your life insurance funds to pay for long term medical care while living. If you never use the rider, then the policy funds will be distributed to your beneficiary as a life insurance death benefit.

Traditional long term care insurance does not work this way. If you never use your policy benefits, then your pool of funds disappears. 

Annuity with long term care rider: OneAmerica also offers to add a long term care rider to any of their annuity products. Annuities provide both security and real growth potential. They also have options for a lifetime income. OneAmerica offers asset-based retirement annuities with an added long term care rider to provide ideal retirement investing. The long term care rider allows you to access your investment funds if you were to fail to perform the multiple daily activities listed above. If you never use the long term care rider, then funds will grow as retirement income. 

There are many ways to design an annuity to fit your current budget and your desired retirement income. Our expert agents help you do this better than anyone.     

Other Carriers Underwrite OneAmerica’s Long Term Care Riders

OneAmerica is an insurance company that does not underwrite its policies. Similarly, in the world of auto insurance, both Geiko and Progressive both do the same. OneAmerica follows this model and issues policies through the State Life Insurance Company. 

The State Life Insurance Company underwrites and issues all long term care riders for OneAmerica.

Compare Top Competitors to Find Your Best Policy

As mentioned above, OneAmerica’s long term care insurance offerings are some of the best on the market. However, they may not be the right fit for you.

The long term care insurance market is fiercely competitive, and there is no single best insurance carrier. The only way to find your best policy is to shop and compare long term care insurance companies side by side. And our agency is here to help you do just that.  

We’ll help you compare OneAmerica with all other top-rated carriers so you can find your best offer quickly.  

Our independent agents work for you, NOT the insurance company. When you choose to work with our agency, you’ll get a long term care professional who looks out for your best interest. Our services are free. And there’s no obligation when speaking with an agent.  

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