How Much Does Long Term Care Insurance Cost?

The statistics show nearly 70% of people over age 65 will require some form of long term care before they die. The cost of which is often financially devastating for individuals without a long term care insurance policy.

Most people know they need long term care insurance; however, they don’t know whether or not they can afford it.  

So how much does long term care insurance cost? We explore the answer to that question below.

Cost Factors of Long Term Care Insurance Policies

The cost of your long term care insurance policy will depend on many factors. Your age, health, state of residence, gender, policy amount, and length of coverage all factor into your premium cost.

To get an idea about the overall cost of your policy, you’ll need to request a personalized illustration. From there, you can adjust your policy details to fit your budget best.

Our independent agents are here to help you make these adjustments so you get the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

Long Term Care Insurance Cost Varies Between Carriers

As with all forms of insurance, the cost of long term care insurance will vary greatly between carriers. Our agency helps you shop and compare rates from all the top long term care insurance companies nationwide. 

Carriers compete with each other by catering to specific subgroups of people. We help match you with the carrier who’s most favorable to your age and health situation, which saves you both time and money on your policy.

We Help Medicare Beneficiaries Save Money on LTC Insurance

Our agency specializes in helping Medicare beneficiaries get the most out of their Medicare benefits. Which also helps our clients save on their long term care insurance.

Did you know that Medicare Part A provides up to 100 days of specialized long term care? It’s true. And individuals who own Medicare Advantage or a Medicare Supplement insurance plan will likely have up to 365 days of long term care coverage.  

Our agents will help you customize a long term care insurance plan that works in coordination with your Medicare benefits. Designing your policy around your existing Medicare coverage significantly lower the cost of your long term care insurance premium.

Use Our Agency – Save Money On Your Plan

Many people incorrectly assume that the cost of long term care insurance is outside their budget. Sadly, many of those people will face significant financial challenges down the road as a result of not owning a long term care policy.  

Our independent agency is here to find a policy that you can afford. We’ve helped thousands of people protect their health and their finances with long term care insurance. And we’d love to help you too!   

Our services are free. And there’s no obligation when speaking with an agent.  

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